Friday, 20 May 2016

Battleborn: Double XP and a brand new Character


Good news for Battleborn fans! On May 21 a brand new character will be available to you! Her name is Alani and she is the first Hero that you will be able to access. She is classed as a "warrior-monk healer" and you will be able to purchase her (so to speak) with 45,000 credits which you can earn from playing the game. A full reveal of her will be available on the day.

More good news for people who own the Season Pass, you will be able to get early access to Alani on May 24 at 5pm with a Hero Key. Every time a new Hero is released, if you own a Hero Key you will be able to unlock them instantly. If you purchase the Season Pass you will get a reusable Hero Key. Sounds pretty awesome! 

If you played the Open Beta on PlayStation 4 when it was accessible, you will be automatically be given a Hero Key which you can spend on a Hero or a new DLC story pack. Not only that, as of now there is a Double XP Weekend! It started today at 4pm and will run through until 4pm May 25. Super long weekend for Battleborn fans! 

What do you think of Alani at first glance from the picture above? Are you excited to play as her? Let us know in the comments below.
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