Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Battlefront - Challenge Completed, New Emote available for players


The EA Star Wars twitter page started a "Show Us Your Moves" challenge on May 24. The challenge was to get 1,000,000 emote uses from their players within the game. In return for completing this challenge, they promised a reward. 

The players stepped up and have completed the challenge within a matter of days, before the weekend even hit. And as promised, players are now able to access a new "number one" emote. 

Battlefront have throw a few challenges our way in the past, rewards have been handed out such as double XP weekends and new outfits. It's great fun taking part in these challenges so when the next one is set, you should definitely get involved. 

The second DLC for Star Wars Battlefront titled Bespin will be available towards the end of June. You can see a picture of the new emote below.


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- Liz Cush

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