Friday, 20 May 2016

Destiny: Rise of Iron DLC leaked

According to a recent reddit post, Destiny's next DLC entitled Rise of Iron has been leaked in what was said to be marketing materials.

The images authenticity has been confirmed from anonymous sources and the art features features Lord Saladin wielding a flaming double-headed axe.

Saladin is one of the Iron Lords and the handler of the monthly Iron Banner PvP event. He’s famous for leading the Guardians to victory against the Fallen in the Battle of the Twilight Gap.

The Rise of Iron expansion will feature a new raid and will be larger than the two year-one DLC packs. Although from The Taken King DLC it isn't safe to assume just how big the content in this DLC will be as we learned that content in each DLC can vary.

More news on Rise of Iron is expected to be presented at E3 with a launch date of September being announced.

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