Thursday, 19 May 2016

Homefront: The Revolution will have Three DLC Packs

It has been confirmed that the Homefront: The Revolution Season Pass will have three single player DLC expansion packs! And not only that, it will also include bonuses for use of the co-op Resistance game mode. 

As of now we don't have exact release dates for each pack but we do know the general time period that they will be accessible. The first two DLCs titled "Freedom" and "Aftermath" are both due to be released later this year, while the third, "Beyond the Walls" is due to launch in 2017. 

In the Resistance Mode, the bonuses you will receive is a new feature called "Supply Line" which will give you a free Resistance Crate every week! Another feature within the bonus is something called "The Right Kind of School", which you will receive three new starting backgrounds for your Resistance character. 

As well as all of that awesome stuff above, brand new missions will be added into Resistance Mode next month, completely free! Sounds really cool! So have you purchases Homefront yet? And if so, will you be buying the Season Pass to access all this content? Let us know in the comments!

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