Sunday, 22 May 2016

More Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collectors Edition packs coming soon - Square Enix Promises


How beautiful is this Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collectors Edition?! A lot of people agree with me which is why this edition sold out within minutes when it first went on sale. And the horrible news? There was only 30,000 available worldwide! Even though the Ultimate Collectors Edition was priced at £189.99 in the States, that didn't stop people at all. 

Now we have some good news. If you really wanted to get your hands on this but missed your opportunity, rejoice! Square Enix has promised to make 10,000 more! But there may be a little problem. There is no 100% guarantee that the new batch of the Ultimate Collectors Edition will will be available by the actual game's launch in September. But some other good news is that each customer will only be able to buy one, stopping people from purchasing multiple copies to then sell off themselves. If you have a look on ebay you will see the ridiculous prices some people are selling them at. No thank you! 

The Ultimate Collectors Edition comes with Final Fantasy XV game, a 192 Page Hardcover Artbook, two exclusive steelbooks, Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive movie on blu-ray, Brotherhood anime on blu-ray, the in-game soundtrack on blu-ray,  in game exclusives such as weapons, outfits and item packs. And that's not all. As well as all of that awesome content above, you will also receive an exclusive Play Arts Noctis figurine.

The brand new stock of The Ultimate Collectors Edition will go on sale in the UK on Tuesday 23 May at 10am in Square Enix's European Store. Get it while you can!

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