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Review: Murdered Soul Suspect

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Murdered: Soul Suspect
Release Date: June 3 2014
Developer: Airtight Games
Publisher: Square Enix
Genre: Action-adventure game, Stealth game

This game had me hooked right from the beginning, as soon as Ronan’s story began. Murdered: Soul Suspect is set in a fictional version of Salem in America. The game is in third person and you play as the protagonist Ronan O’ Connor as he tries to hunt down and figure out who the infamous serial killer of the town is. At the beginning of the game, Ronan gets pushed from a building resulting in his death. But that is exactly where his adventure begins, as he returns in ghost form where he meets his dead wife who tells him that he must find the killer in order to finish his business so he can move on and be with her.

The game didn’t get the best ratings after it was released. A lot of critics have said the game had “poor combat, short length, lack of replay value, and lack of difficulty” which I do slightly agree on some parts. There was next to no fighting in Murdered: Soul Suspect, the only enemies in the entire game are these soul-sucking demons who you take out by sneaking up behind them and pushing the correct buttons on screen. And even at that there was never even that many at a time. I myself did have a bit of trouble with one part of the game where I had to face the demons, as there was a lot of them at once and barely any space to maneuver around to take them down. I keep getting frustrated at it but I eventually managed to do it.

The game itself was fairly short, it only took a few hours to completely finish and get the platinum trophy. Although I did really, really enjoy the story. It had many plot twists, which I thought was fantastic and when I came to the end of the game I was so surprised by how the story turned out.
Murdered: Soul Suspect was simple to platinum as all of the trophies are pretty much just for collectibles. In total there are over 100 items through-out Salem that you need to pick up and collect. Luckily someone has made an entire video guide on the collectible locations which you can find here.

The gameplay itself was pretty interesting. Since Ronan is a ghost, you have the option to possess people, read their thoughts, influence them to remember details that could help with your investigation. You can also walk through solid walls to get through rooms quickly enough. Some walls you can’t pass through though, if they’re white and shimmering which is a bit annoying if you’re trying to get to a different part of town fast. But the rest of the game and story is pretty straight forward, nothing that you would get majorly stuck on and can’t advance to the next part of the game. You just go around, mainly trying to search crime scenes and figure out the information and details you need that will help in the investigation.

Overall I did really enjoy this game. I thought the graphics were beautiful, the story was compelling and had me hooked and wanting more and it was a pretty simple game, taking me less than 10 hours to complete. If you’re a fan of crime games and are looking for a new story to get stuck into, or even just a very fast game that you will fly through, I would definitely recommend this. If you’re not a big fan of having to find collectibles in games, I would say avoid this game, as pretty much 95% of the game play itself is just collectible hunting.
  • Pros
    – Very fast paced game
    – Simple Platinum
    – Wonderful story
    – Gorgeous graphics
  • Cons
    – Story was a little too short for my liking
    – Lack of enemies
    – Way too many collectibles
Rating: 7/10

You can purchase Murdered:Soul Suspect in the PlayStation Store at 66% off (was 29.99, now 9.99) and Steam for 29.99.

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