Friday, 10 June 2016

15 Awesome Video Game Art Pieces

Being a big fan of video games and art, I was browsing through the video game art tag on Instagram and I came across some beautiful artwork! And I thought that some of these awesome pieces need to be shared with you guys. Below you will see 15 of my favourite video game art pieces. You can click through to the artists page to see more of their work.

1. Kingdom Hearts by @spookie_taylor_art

    2. The Witcher III by @bajan_art

    3. Pokémon by @intendoguy1up

    4. The Witcher III by @the_ill_jedi

    5. Zelda by @sn_spiire

    6. Final Fantasy by @lokaboy1979

    7. Halo by @stefandraws

    8.  Earthworm Jim by @I.davies_artwork

    9. Donkey Kong by @juliannamaston

    10. God of War by @daviddias_arts

    11. Spyro the Dragon by @dingwheezie

    A photo posted by Geoff Dingle (@dingwheezie) on

    12. The Last of Us by @daviddias_arts

    13.  Batman Arkham Knight by @sshoskinsartwork

    14. Mortal Kombat by @joshgilltattoo

    A photo posted by Josh Gill (@joshgilltattoo) on

    15. The Witcher by @simonkbell

    A photo posted by Simon K Bell (@simonkbell) on

    Some beautiful art pieces there. Make sure to go check out these talented folks on Instagram and give them a follow!

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    - Liz Cush

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