Thursday, 2 June 2016

Action/Stealth hybrid Filthy Lucre Hits PS4 This Summer


The debut game from new UK studio Fabrik Games, Filthy Lucre is coming to PlayStation 4 this summer. Filthy Lucre is a crossover between action and stealth and will see players use sevrel different approaches for each mission.

In Filthy Lucre players will infiltrate Britain’s criminal network to help your rotten boss take out an equally rotten rival gang’s operation. Bringing all the slick suits, sly humour and sore heads you would expect from Brit gangsters.

The game will allow players to chose how they want to play. Players can carefully plan a mission and if all doesn't go to plan there's no need to quit, just change the plan as situations arise, even switch it up and use assault weapons and muscle your way out, The game is designed to adapt to the players play style and the cutting edge AI adjusts to their approach.


Every mission can be played the way the player wants, they can go in all guns blazing or stealth through and not make contact with a single enemy. With over 30 upgradable weapons and gear it won't be your tools that let you down.

The game will feature a host of locations from swanky corporate headquarters to the nitty gritty of elaborate bank heists.

The entire campaign is not only a blast in single player, but any mission can also be tackled with a friend in online or local multiplayer.

Filthy Lucre release this summer on PlayStation 4.

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- Martin Dermody 
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