Thursday, 2 June 2016

Developers of The Order 1886 have a new game coming soon

Ready at Dawn, the team that developed The Order 1886 has announced their name game titled De-formers, which is an arena based combat game.

De-formers has been described as a "third-person smash ‘em arena combat game" according to Ready at Dawn. With 8 players to a match, you will be able to melee attack, roll, smash, shoot throw and defend.

Ready at Dawn have also said that it is a suitable game "for those who love to show off their skills, determination, and domination". You will also be able to consume your enemies remains as well as other objects to become even more powerful.

There will be a local and online multiplayer options within De-formers. As of now there is no official release date, all we know is that the game will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC soon. You can see the teaser trailer below via IGN.

- Liz Cush

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