Saturday, 11 June 2016

DOOM Getting A Photo Mode

Bethesda have announced today that the first update for it's gore infested first-person shooter, DOOM, will be getting it's first update this month with a whole lot of new features.

Firstly, a new photo mode will be added to Snapmap and Campaign to allow players to take screenshots of all their favourite and nasty moments in the game and share them with their friends.

Also dropping in the update is a classic DOOM weapon placement/view model option and a fix that prevents players from accessing Dev Mode.

There will also be several fixes for multiplayer from today that include the Chaingun, Rocket Launcher and Combat Shotgun getting rebalanced, and Bethesda is deploying a change to reduce wait times between matches to about one minute.

This update will be available later this month,

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- Martin Dermody 
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