Friday, 10 June 2016

New Character And Contracts Coming To Black Ops III

Good news Black Ops fans! Activision have announced this week that new and exciting daily challenges called "Contracts" will be coming to Black Ops III.

With Contracts you get a specific challenge to do in a certain time limit. It could be get 100 headshots in 24 hours, it could be get 500 headshots in a week! Who knows!? That's what makes it even more exciting and fresh.

Players will be rewarded with Black Market rewards such as extra crypto keys, special calling cards and even special "Mercenary Contracts".

Collect the 'Mercenary contracts' and you'll be able to play as the Black Market vendor himself, Blackjack (albeit only for a limited time).

You'll be able to play Blackjack as either a 'Rogue' class or a 'Gambler' class - 'Rouge' allows him to access the special weapon of each Specialist he kills in-game, whilst 'Gambler' fills the Super bar at the normal rate, but grants a random Specialist ability once it's full.

You can check out the Contracts trailer below.

Contracts will be coming to Black Ops III on June 14th.

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