Saturday, 18 June 2016

Star Wars Battlefront - Gameplay, New Customization & Information

Over the last couple of days we have gotten loads of brand new information on the second DLC expansion coming to Star Wars Battlefront, including a brand new trailer.

But today, Star Wars HQ got a chance to play the actual DLC! Including playing as the new heroes, new maps, everything! It has now also been confirmed from the videos that the max level cap has now been extended to level 70.

As well as that, at level 70, you will be able to purchase and play as an Imperial Shocktrooper and Rebel Wing guard. They will both cost 20,000 credits. How awesome is this?!

Some more information we received is that the Rebel side will have brand new outfits on Cloud City. And they're free! And now that anybody can purchase and use the Imperial Shocktroopers, the Emperor is now protected by the Royal Guards. Each Royal Guard will carry a powerful rocket launcher and a blaster.

We also got a have a look at new heroes Dengar and Lando in action. Dengar carries a heavy blaster, being the first hero in the game to do so. His three special abilities are the Explosive Rush, the Frenzied Blast and the Hurricane Strike. And they are super powerful! Lando's special abilities are Power Blast, Shocking Trap and System Disruption. He also used the X-8 Night Sniper. You can see the special abilities in action in the video at the end of the article.

Bespin will be available to season pass holders two weeks early on June 21st.

- Liz Cush

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