Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Crossing Souls Demo Available Now

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Playstation have announced that a demo for upcoming adventure game Crossing Souls is available from the PS Store today. With the full game set for release next Tuesday, they wanted to give players an early look into the world of Crossing Souls.

"The demo takes players through the opening hour or so of Crossing Souls as Chris, Charlie, Joe, Matthew, and Kevin are introduced and come together to face an eminent danger that threatens their small town. You’ll be able to get to know their personalities, test out their combat abilities, and give each one’s special abilities a spin!"

They have also given us an inside look at the characters that we will be playing as. You can see some more information on them below.


"Chris is the leader of the group, whether he likes it or not, because of his bravery and quick to act on any challenge that comes their way. He’s agile and good with his hands which allows him to climb surfaces that others can’t while using the family baseball bat to bash baddies and knock away incoming projectiles."


"Not one to give second chances, Charlie has quite the temperament and doesn’t put up with nonsense from fools or even her friends. With a chip on her shoulder for coming from the poorer area of town, she converted her old busted jump rope into a snappy whip to use to defend herself and fling herself over large gaps. Agile and athletic, Charlie can dash around quicker than her opponents can track her."


"A big dude with a bigger heart, Joe isn’t one to pick a fight but if one is picked he’s the friend you want in your corner. Joe isn’t afraid to use that power to his advantage by throwing devastating haymakers and using sheer force to move any objects in the gang’s way."


"The archetypal boy genius, Matthew’s most powerful weapon is his intellect. Homemade inventions produced his trademark laser gun and jetpack allow him to fire from long range and fly short distances when the time comes."


"Kevin’s a troublemaker for sure – problematic, daring and shameless… a genuine magnet for trouble! The gang looks over his tiresome jokes and lack of any skills at all, learning to love him and use him strategically when they’re in a pinch!"

Check out the trailer for Crossing Souls below. The game is set for release on February 13.

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