Monday, 19 February 2018

Final Week of Resistance Event in WWII

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The final week of The Resistance DLC event in Call of Duty: World War II begins tomorrow on PS4 and there is a lot of awesome features lined up. CharlieIntel took to their twitter page to post what's to come in the event.

The featured playlists for the final week will see the return of game mode Prop Hunt with double XP, alongside Bomb Mosh Pit also with double XP.

Some other features will be a free Resistance supply drop available from the mail station in Headquarters starting from February 20 and a triple feed XP event in Nazi Zombies (double XP, double weapon XP and double division XP).

There will be three new weekly orders with the prize being a Resistance supply drop:

  • Play 25 matches of Prop Hunt
  • Get 200 kills in the Resistance Division
  • Get 100 kills with a pistol

The new daily orders are as follows, with a Resistance supply drop being the reward:
  • Feb 20 - Kill 10 Props
  • Feb 21 - Survive 10 rounds as a prop
  • Feb 22 - Win 5 matches of  Prop Hunt
  • Feb 23 - Win a round as a prop without changing props
  • Feb 24 - Kill 10 props
  • Feb 25 - Survive 10 rounds as a prop
  • Feb 26 - Win 5 matches of Prop Hunt

There will also be new contracts available with the reward also being a Resistance supply drop:
  • Get 35 kills in any mode
  • Get 35 kills with a pistol
  • Get 55 kills in War
  • Get 5 headshots in Domination
  • Get 30 kills in the Resistance Division
  • Get 5 headshots in Team Deathmatch

The final week of the Resistance event begins tomorrow February 20th on PS4 on Call of Duty: World War II. 

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