Saturday, 3 February 2018

ESO: New Costume, hat and dye sets now available

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The Elder Scrolls Online twitter page have unveiled that a new costume, hat and dye stamps are now available in the Crown Store for a limited time.

The costume is Shrike's Nocturnal Frock and it is available from February 1 until February 5 for 2,000 crowns.

"Do you like to keep to the shadows, yet long for a striking look of your own? This will give you something to crow about! Any admirer of the Prince of Night and Darkness will appreciate this eye-catching costume."


Daedric Death Mask is up next and is available from February 1 until February 5 and costs 1,000 crowns.

"Daedra Worshiper, do you dare wear a mask that strikes fear into the souls of ordinary mortals? Then the Daedric Death Mask is for you! For as is graven upon its metal horn bands in the dread script of Oblivion: FEAR ABIDES."


And last but not least is the Sanguinary Dye Stamps - these are available from February 1 until February 8 and cost between 50 and 100 crowns.


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