Friday, 2 February 2018

Fan Art Friday - 2 February 2018

Welcome to Fan Art Friday - a new feature here on The Gamer Vault where we showcase our favourite gaming art pieces from that week. So what's in store this week? Have a look below, and remember to give these talented artists a follow on their Instagram pages!

I was part of a challenge within a really nice Facebook community. The task was to bring together 3 characters from 3 different worlds, movie, series or games. Instead of going the obvious way, creating humanoid characters, I decided to make something different. To have something that connects the three figures, I choosed guys with similar shapes. It was very much fun to make, and the simplicity of the characters gave me room to focus more on colours and style. In the end I won the challenge which made me very happy. Maybe I should make more non human stuff in the future. Btw, do you recognize all characters? . . . . . #digitalartworks #videogameart #artwork #instaart #instapainting #digitalart #finalfantasy #supermario

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Loosely Inspired by #darksouls3 #yhormthegiant

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