Thursday, 8 February 2018

Fire Emblem Warriors DLC coming to Nintendo Switch

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Great news for Fire Emblem Warriors fans. New DLC pack Shadow Dragon is coming to Nintendo Switch on 14 February.

The new DLC pack will include three new characters - Navarre, Minerva and Linde. Narvarre is a Mercenary with his weapon being a sword, Minerva Wyvern Rider with an axe while Linde is a Mage with a Tome. You can get a better look at the three new characters below.

There are also some other new features coming with the Shadow Dragon DLC pack. There will be new skills, new history maps, new support conversations, new costumes, new armour break models and even some new weapons. For more information you can check out the Fire Emblem website

The first Fire Emblem Warriors DLC pack, Fates, is available now as part of the Season Pass or as a standalone purchase while the new DLC, Shadow Dragon pack will be available on February 14.

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