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Review: Until Dawn

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Until Dawn
Developer: Supermassive Games
Genre: Adventure, Horror
Platform: Playstation 4
Release: 2015

Set in Western Canada, Until Dawn centres around a group of eight teenagers who decide to have a holiday for a night in a cabin on the fictional Blackwood Mountain, exactly one year after the disappearance of two girls, the twin sisters of a member of their group. Shortly after arriving, the gang find themselves under attack by a psycho and must attempt to survive until sunrise.

When the game was free with Playstation Plus membership a few months ago, there was a lot of hype revolving around Until Dawn, a realistic horror game where the decisions you make impact the direction of the story. We were seeing people online saying how much fun the game was, how scared it made them and how, overall, it was one of the best horror games they ever played. We didn’t see a lot of negativity surrounding this game, which was quite a shock as it’s hard to make a good horror title so of course we were pumped to jump into Until Dawn and see what the game was like for ourselves.

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We played Until Dawn side by side at the exact same time, while making sure to make our own decisions, as we wanted to see what would happen if either of us chose something different from the other – and we have to say, it was a lot of fun.

The story line itself was extremely enjoyable. We loved how the story would switch between characters, letting us experience how they were feeling while their part played out. Each character had their own uniqueness to them, making you either love ‘em, or hate them. Right from the start, you are pulled into the story as the game opens with a flashback of what happened the night of the twins disappearance. It’s in this scene that you first get a feel for the eight characters that you will soon play as.

Throughout the game, you must make decisions – some easy and some really hard, which will impact the direction of which the entire story will go, with one goal in site: make everyone survive until dawn. Of course, unless you make every single right decision in the game, not everyone will survive which we found out the hard way.

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As I mentioned before, we played Until Dawn at the same time on separate consoles to see what would happen if we made different choices. About half way through, I still had all of my characters alive and well, while Martin, who was also playing, had already lost two of his characters. And that’s the thing about this game, it’s so easy to mess up – one tiny little different decision can make such a big impact which we thought was a really great addition to the story.

There were so many jump scares within the game which genuinely terrified me. The amount of times I jumped out of my skin and had to pause the game while my heart stopped racing was insane. Of course this is expected while playing a horror game, I think they nailed the scary parts and added them in at the right time which complimented the overall story.

Personally my favourite thing about the game is the huge plot-twist which we find out halfway through. I’m not going to post what happens as I want you guys to play the game for yourselves and I don’t want to ruin it for you but the twist left us both with our mouths hanging open.

If you’re a trophy hunter and are planning on adding another new shiny Platinum for Until Dawn to your collection, we must warn you that you will have to play through the story 3-4 times to collect every trophy. We played through the game ourselves first, and once we done that, we both went back and made different decisions to unlock every trophy. It’s a tough one that does take up a lot of time, as each play-through seemed to be between 8-9 hours long.

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The graphics in this game were insanely beautiful. As it was set up in the mountains in the snow, there was a lot of scenery shots which looked very realistic. The layout of the cabin and the characters themselves were very impressive too, it almost felt like we were watching a movie.

✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

The audio in the game was spot on. They nailed the weather effects, the fear in the character’s voices, even the creepy music was an added bonus.


The story itself was one of the best I have ever encountered. Right from the beginning I was sucked in and throughout the entire game I was left on the edge of my seat wanting more. The “butterfly-effect” aspect of the game based on your decisions and choices was a brilliant feature. The major plot-twist is was made the game for me as I was not expecting it, which is always a plus when you’re playing a new game.

✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

The game played very, very well. The controls were straight-forward, no lagging or delays whilst moving your character around. Controller sensor for certain parts was bang-on, especially when you had to keep completely still, even the slightest movement would detect.

✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

All trophies were related to certain aspects of the game so if you made a wrong decision and changed the path of the game, you would miss out on unlocking certain trophies. Also some collectable trophies thrown in there too. To unlock the majority of them, you had to play through the story 3-4 times.

✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓


Score: 41 out of 50

In the end, I was pleasantly surprised by this game, as I’m not a big horror game fan myself but overall Until Dawn is a beautifully designed, fast-paced, “keep you on the edge of your seat” type game and we absolutely adored it. Having to play through the entire game over and over again to collect every trophy brought the score down for me but if you’re looking for a good scare and a memorable story, Until Dawn is the game for you.

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